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Misterwives, Bishop Briggs and Raffaella Fire Up The Anthem on the Don’t Look Down Tour

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Last night, The Anthem was electric with anticipation as fans eagerly awaited a sensational night of performances during the Don't Look Down Tour. Co-headliners Misterwives and Bishop Briggs drew in a nearly capacity crowd on a Tuesday night in Washington, D.C. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, and both acts delivered sets that far exceeded expectations.

Kicking off the evening was indie pop sensation Raffaella, who was basking in the glow of her latest single release, "Maps," sharing the stage with Hippo Campus. Raffaella's ethereal melodies and impressive vocal prowess were perfectly complemented by a visually enchanting combination of lighting and costumes. Her artistic style struck a unique balance between modernity and a touch of '80s vintage nostalgia. Even though not everyone in the audience may have been familiar with all of her songs, Raffaella's effervescent personality bridged the gap and created a delightful connection with the crowd.

Bishop Briggs took the stage with an unparalleled force that left the audience in awe. As the winner of The Masked Singer (a well-deserved humble brag), Briggs poured her heart and soul into captivating the crowd. Her latest EP, "When Everything Went Dark," introduced us to a diverse range of sounds, but one standout moment from her set was "Bad" - a song that resonated with pure emotion and showcased her commanding vocal prowess.

Even if you were previously unfamiliar with Briggs, her performance had an undeniable magnetism that held the audience's rapt attention, particularly during her elegant rendition of "Dream." And for that extra dose of musical magic, Briggs treated us to a stirring cover of Hozier's "Take Me To Church," a song that seamlessly aligned with her naturally robust sound.

MisterWives burst onto the stage with an electrifying set that left the audience breathless. Opening with "Out of Your Mind," the band immediately showcased a newfound sense of angst since their SUPERBLOOM album release in 2020. The energy reached new heights during "Dagger," and there was a standout moment when Mandy Lee contorted her body in a visually stunning and incredibly cool manner, eliciting an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd.

Much of their Nosebleeds album represented a departure from the MisterWives of past tours, and this transformation was vividly reflected in their live performance. Throughout the set, the band exhibited high-paced and dynamic movements, clearly feeding off each other's energy. Things got particularly "saxy" when Michael Murphy unleashed a funky solo.

One of the few tranquil moments arrived during "Ultraviolet," where the frenetic motion temporarily ceased. However, this tranquil interlude was masterfully accentuated by Mandy, who was backlit and elevated above the rest of the stage. The visual impact was heightened with the three arrows on her back, a concept originally seen in the music video, thanks to the creative genius of director Matty Vogel. Despite the overall angsty and emotional tone of the set, "Ultraviolet" provided a serene oasis, described as "a moment of peace" on the album.

The band brought their incredible 17-song setlist to a climactic conclusion with the title track, "Nosebleeds." This song, centered on truth-telling and breaking free from past crutches, served as the perfect culmination of the evening, leaving everyone in the audience feeling fulfilled as the night came to an end.

As the night came to a close, it was abundantly clear that MisterWives had not only delivered an unforgettable performance but had also showcased their remarkable evolution as a band. With their fourth album, Nosebleeds, they have solidified a cohesive and polished repertoire, demonstrating a newfound freedom and creativity in their music compared to just a few years ago.

And let's not forget the charming human moments that added a touch of authenticity to the evening. A wardrobe malfunction for Mandy could have thrown a wrench into the show, but it was endearing to witness bassist William Hehir's spontaneous chivalry as he literally gave her his shirt. Moments like these served as a reminder that, amidst all the glitz and glamour of a spectacular performance, there's a genuine and relatable humanity that connects artists with their audience.

In the end, it was a night filled with incredible music, powerful emotions, and unexpected moments – a true testament to the magic of live performances and the boundless talent of MisterWives.


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