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Misterwives Took The Punches, Now They Are Dishing Out A Few Hits Of Their Own

Photography by Matty Vogel

MisterWives have announced their newest album Nosebleeds to arrive July 14. Last week, the indie pop group premiered a single under the same name. The band’s fourth record has been put together in spite of the many hardships they have faced.

Recent years have been a crazy time for the music industry, but Misterwives had to face a few additional adversities from the standard. In 2020, lead vocalist Mandy Lee and drummer Etienne Bowler revealed they would be separating romantically after nine years. August of the following year, trumpeter Jesse Blum would announce he was leaving the band. All this just to find out they would be dropped by their label at the time, Fueled by Ramen. Opportunity after opportunity arose for the band to call it quits, but they refused to let the “sucker punches” be a knockout. In fact, they instead took this as a chance to counterpunch with a few hits of their own.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mandy Lee responded to the adversity, “Still standing despite [all the obstacles], felt like a pretty big triumph and moment to allow ourselves to create our fourth record with no limitations and without feeling boxed into what others might expect from us.” Nosebleeds was going to be an album that spoke on truth, independence, and a liberation from the standards and conformity that had been placed upon them over many years in the industry.

Singles “Nosebleeds” and “Out Of Your Mind” would be the first opportunities for audiences to see this new era of Misterwives. Vocalist Mandy Lee, bassist William Hehir, guitarist Marc Campbell, drummer Etienne Bowler, and keyboardist Mike Murphy, would take a new dynamic as they paired their high-energy with grit, a self revival, and angst. The “Nosebleeds” music video has a perfect visual of this album's aura, and it wouldn’t have been possible without director Jax Anderson. Anonymous characters in all black freely moving in the background while Mandy has a reflective dance moment with what feels like her inner child. A perfect combination as lyrics “I didn’t care what they all think” repeats over the track. This is the first time in a while the band has been their truest self. Nothing and No one is putting a hold on how they want to create and produce their sound. It is an authentic freedom of expression!

While there is a subtlety to “Nosebleeds”, we find a full force contrast in the angst of “Out Of Your Mind”. The track is filled with heavy electric guitar, layered onto a heavy drum and distorted vocals. Yet despite this distortion I don’t think the message could be any more clear.

“Stab my back and twist it twice

Like that first time I’ll survive

Blood on your hands it isn’t mine

If you think I’ll lay down and die

You’re outta outta outta

You’re outta your god damn

Outta your god damn mind”

This is paired with a music video that features Lee (getting a nosebleed of course) trapped in a room, when the entire sequence becomes a combination of a mental breakdown and escape room. It has a simplicity to it, yet does an amazing job adding to the distortion with fast cuts and heavy moving camera work. All leading to an attempt at literally breaking another version of Lee out of a glass box. Director Matty Vogel really created some outstanding visuals this project and continues to add to his already tremendous portfolio.

It is safe to say, if you haven’t heard about the new era of Misterwives yet, you will soon. They are out for blood and ready to take on anything that comes at them. Prepare yourselves, and get on board before you miss something spectacular.

Alongside the release of the new album, the band is going on a full U.S. tour!

MisterWives & Bishop Briggs’ The Don’t Look Down Tour dates. Get More Info here

Stream Misterwives here

Full Tracklist for the new album Nosebleeds:

“Out of Your Mind”



“All the Same”


“Trigger Pull”

“Too Late”

“Silver Lining”

“Trip Around the Sun”

“Flower Moon”

“Broken Glass”

“Other Side”

“End of My Rope”



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