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My Style According to Spotify

In February, Spotify introduced a new feature to the platform where users can view and choose to listen to select genres or moods in their liked songs. When I first noticed this update I was not surprised, but intrigued, at the variety of my songs. I immediately thought of select outfits that resonated with different genres and how my wardrobe reflects my vast music taste. So, let me take you through my top categories and how they are represented in my dress.

1. Bubblegum

Details: top, skirt

This one’s for the girls- a list of female fronted bands and artists that really scream good vibes. Kim Petras is the star of this genre, followed by Ashnikko, Lady Gaga, Hayley Kiyoko and Charli XCX. In this dreamy blue set purchased off of Depop, originally from Dolls Kill, I imagine dancing the night away with my friends to these pop hits.

2. Spooky

Details: dress, belt (similar), choker

With Halloween as my favourite holiday, it is no surprise that even Spotify knows I am a lover of the macabre. Rob Zombie is, of course, a top artist on this list, along with songs like “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon, “Season of the Witch” by Donovan and the Silent Hill soundtrack. Aside from a plethora of past Halloween costumes and fake blood, my wardrobe screams Spooky through harnesses, bulky chokers, pentagrams and a whole lot of black.

3. Angry

Details: t-shirt, mesh shirt, pants (similar), harness

Riding the coattail of Spooky, the angry genre has a similar vibe, although it is more metal and less rock. This is the place I would go to on early morning commutes to wake up and prepare for the day, pumping myself up with songs like “Spit it Out” by Slipknot, “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit and “Antivist” by Bring Me the Horizon. This is probably the area of my wardrobe that makes me seem most unapproachable, with ripped jeans, black lipstick and my classic winged liner to complete an all-black ensemble.

4. Pop Punk

Details: hoodie, t-shirt, jeans (similar), bag, earrings, hat (similar)

Probably my favourite genre, pop punk is basically synonymous with Vans. Listening to bands like Blink-182, Neck Deep, Seaway and Bearings I imagine a sea of ripped jeans, band tees and Vans sneakers amidst a mosh pit. This genre makes me feel like I'm in an early 2000’s movie, like American Pie (whose soundtrack is amazing, by the way), allowing for old fashion trends to resurface.

5. Dance

Details: dress, t-shirt, mesh shirt (similar)

There is one album that explains this genre entirely: Chromatica by Lady Gaga. These songs were made for a club, but for now I will settle with dancing in my bedroom. Along with a lot of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, Studio Killers and some early 2000’s throwbacks make up this genre. The accompanying outfit must be easy to dance in, while being stylish and vibrant. With this glow in the dark shirt, my friends will always be able to find me in the crowd.


My music taste, much like my style, is eclectic. I love pairing colourful clothing with pop music, and dark colours with heavy beats. Or the sweet spot when bubblegum and spooky meet to create one giant stylish mess.


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