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nodisco. Releases a Sad yet Punchy Single, Everything Happens!

"Everything Happens! is the first single by nodisco. after the release of his debut mixtape, “Who Knew I’d Write Songs About You?” in May 2021. Chris Toufexis starts his song with an immediate observation he has as soon as he enters the party it seems, by singing "I saw you at a party falling over everybody tonight."

The song starts off with Seven Nation Army-esque sturdy bass lines and rhythmic guitars. It catches the spirit of the song quite well: The bass lines mimic a loud heart beat, the kind of beating you would have when you see your ex falling over everybody.

"When you break up with someone, or something terrible happens in your life, people often say, “Everything happens for a reason!”, but I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. It only really does if you choose to think of it that way… or does it? I’m not 100% sure the break-up happened for a reason, but his only choice is to try to move on." says Chris. The not-being-overi-it-yet aspect shows itself through lyrics like "I don't know what I'd do if I don't end up with you, I'll probably burn all the notes you gave me." In a traditional sense, you would expect this single to be a sad ballad yet it's the best summer release as it's the most danceable song that just gets your feet moving. The introspective aspect is always present in his songs as he doesn't hold back when it comes to being vulnerable. When it comes to mixing sad and heavy feelings with an upbeat production, it's what he does best.

The artwork of the single is very showing of Chris' personality too. We see a torn picture of a couple kissing alongside other torn posters. In his own words, he clings to what's physical and is hesitant towards digital. It makes a lot of sense that he would be more old-school when it came to romance with hand-written notes, pictures hanging up and the wall and all sorts of visual reminders.

In his 2020 single Chris sang "When I see you all the way across the room I'm fond of you." So it's quite a sad turn of events. Seeing someone across the room who used to evoke fond emotions and seeing them after a breakup at a party can't be easy for anyone. Chris might be singing about another relationship, alright, but a girl can make up narratives. After all, a song belongs to the listeners as much as it belongs to you as soon as you hit release.

Listen to nodisco.'s new single "Everything Happens!" now:


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