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Our Flag Means Death: Get the Look


The release of HBO Max’ show, Our Flag Means Death, in March brought upon a resurgence of pirate-fashion.

This show has created a wave of inspiration for a mainly queer audience, and fans have been sharing their outfits on TikTok. The pirate aesthetic may seem tricky to acquire, but with a few staple pieces you too can look like Stede Bonnet or Blackbeard. Here’s how I suggest getting the OFMD look.

Stede Bonnet: The Gentleman Pirate

While everyone else is decked out in neutral colours and basic attire, Stede Bonnet, the self-proclaimed Gentleman Pirate is more risky with his fashion choices. As a past aristocrat, he has access to the finest silks and richest colours to adorn his body. Here’s how to get a modern Stede’s look:

Details: top, corset, skirt, socks.

Pair a frilly long sleeve shirt with a tie-up under bust corset and a pleated teal skirt for a modern, feminized Stede Bonnet. Match the shirt with knee high frilly socks for the ultimate Gentlewoman Pirate look.

Blackbeard: The Original Leather Daddy?

Blackbeard, the notorious pirate, is seen decked out in a classic all-leather ensemble throughout the show. His wardrobe reflects his image as a fierce pirate, but hides the gentleness brought out by Stede. Here’s my take on a feminized, Blackbeard outfit:

Details: hat, gloves, jacket, skirt, boots

An outfit can’t be inspired by Blackbeard without being all-leather. Pair a mini skirt with over the knee boots and a leather jacket with buckles and zips fit for Blackbeard himself. Add fingerless gloves and a leather hat for the ultimate leather-daddy, Blackbeard vibe.

Couple Goals

Details: pirate hat, top, pants, boots

Combine the loveable duo to create this bubble gum, leather-filled pirate fantasy.

Final Thoughts

Whether you watch Our Flag Means Death or not, there is a lot of fashion inspiration to be found. From leather to frilly shirts, the pirate aesthetic has endless, aesthetically pleasing possibilities.


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