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Post-COVID Fashion: Comfort or Extravagance?

It is without a doubt that online shopping habits are increasing during COVID-19. People are taking to shopping as a form of excitement, making purchases out of boredom just to feel that serotonin rush when clicking checkout. I have been extremely guilty of this and definitely have more items than necessary. But, while I, and many others, have new garment piles stacking up, the chance to wear any of it has been non-existent. Being in quarantine I have had the option to 1. get dressed just to get dressed, or, 2. stay in my sweats all day, and I’ll admit I usually choose the latter. With everyone getting so used to comfort clothes, what will happen when the world reopens?

My prediction for the future post-COVID is that one of two things will happen, either everyday will be a fashion show, where people scramble to wear the new clothes they bought, or it will be sweats, sweats and more sweats. I think that people will definitely want to show off their clothes after being isolated for so long, but comfort will likely play a huge role in dress. People like myself who have gotten used to wearing sweatpants and hoodies all day for months on end will probably not jump at the opportunity to wear skinny jeans or heels. It could go in either direction and may very well depend on the individual at hand, I for one would probably do a mixture of both comfort and extravagance.

If the world reopened tomorrow, I am not saying I would jump at the chance to do everything possible- being around people will definitely take some easing into. But, if I were to have the perfect day going out, seeing people and living out loud, it would look like this:

  1. Go to class

Details: top (purchased on Depop), pants (Poshmark)

Now, I know school may not be on everyone's list of favourite things to do, and it is not on mine either, but if COVID ceased to exist I would start my day off with some normalcy, getting back to how things were a year ago. I would want my first day back outfit to be comfortable, but also hold a hint of extravagance to show off my new wardrobe and excitement to be leaving the house. Both the top and pants in this outfit are fairly new, purchased within the last couple of months, so I definitely feel the need to show them off.

2. Go to the mall

Another thing I miss pre-COVID, is being able to wander across the street to the mall in between and after class. My University is in the middle of downtown Toronto, being surrounded by shops, a mass of people (which does not currently sound appealing), and the ideal brunch spot- Denny’s. Following my morning class, I would wander over to the mall and directly up to the top floor (window shopping along the way) to Indigo. Here, I would take the time to enjoy being in the presence of the world again and surrounded by my favourite thing- books.

3. Have a night out

Details: Top and skirt (purchased on Depop), harness.

To finish the day off I would go out with a bang, visiting my favourite place- Sneaky Dee’s. Every Friday pre-COVID they held Emo Night, playing pop punk hits you would expect to hear in an early 2000s movie. I would take this opportunity to wear my new favourite set, along with a pop punk staple- Vans shoes. Following last call at 2am I would Uber home with my friends for the first sleepover since 2020.

4. Brunch

Details: hoodie (Ariana Grande ltd edition), pants (Poshmark).

Now, I know this is technically the next day, but I would argue that the morning after a night out feels like an extension of that evening. I would be surrounded by the people I love and danced with the night before, taking on another necessary activity- brunch. Of course, we would wake up at noon and visit the local Denny’s for greasy food and coffee, laughing over the events of the night before, indulging in comfort food while wearing comfort clothes.

During COVID-19 sweats may be trending, but when everything reopens that may all change- or not! All we can do is wait to see what our friends, classmates and random strangers on the street choose to adorn their bodies with. Nevertheless, no matter what garments we choose, we will find comfort in the presence of our loved ones at last.


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