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Reptaliens On Wrestling Through These Strange Times

‘Wrestling’ was born out of a strange time. Quarantine had stripped us of our day jobs and social groups, touring was nothing but a foggy memory, and the city of Portland’s reaction to protests left us disillusioned and angry. The ennui and languor of the times seeped its way into our creative output and the cold, clinical songs of Wrestling began to take shape. At that place in time both emotionally, and situationally, I don’t think we could have created anything but Wrestling and likewise, these songs would not exist without those, albeit negative stressors, playing a profound role on us as songwriters.

This situational relationship between creation and environment is ever present and inseparable. Like how Bob Dylan could only do acoustic political songs when that was where he was at in life and inevitably switched to electric guitar when got hip; or how MGMT followed up the sugary hipster pop of ‘Oracular Spectacular’ with the way less accessible ‘Congratulations’. Or similarly, how earlier recordings of bands who are only working with the tools that they have create way better albums than when they finally get some money and do big studio productions. Life is a series of constant changes, all of which have an affect on artistic output and, to force a feeling that has left or to reject a change, only results in ingenuine content.

Despite natural preference of some songs over others, I would say, theoretically, this situational relationship isn’t bad or good. It’s just one unique aspect within the vast world of music. One interesting result that stems from all this, is that the releases that slowly accumulate within the timespan of a bands career simultaneously create a sort of time stamped insight into the artist’s life and situational environment. Embedded deep in the songs themselves are little hints as to what was going on in the life and times of each musician at the time of writing and recording. Ranging from anything between major to minor life events, these clues connect the listener to the music on a highly personal and more subtle level.

Wrestling is both an individual product of its environment while ultimately remaining inherently Reptaliens. We made the EP that we had to make and though it’s stylistically different from anything we’ve made before, we’re glad that you seem to be enjoying it. I suppose I’m just waxing poetic about musical relationships but you can’t write a good love song without being in love and from here on out, you can’t have Reptaliens without Wrestling.

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James Brown
James Brown
13 set 2022

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