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Rethink Your Music Listening Habits With Internet Radios!

Updated: May 12, 2020

When our live music listening habits routinely freeze, we can shift our gaze to many unique and independent radio stations that we might meet on the Internet. In the last 10 years, we've been listening to music that we discovered through Spotify or Apple Music. If you feel lost among hundreds of thousands of playlists, I am sure you will love the independent radios that I will recommend. Let’s start!


I’m sure you know about KEXP. KEXP operates as one of the most influential listener-supported radio stations in the world. 90.3 KEXP-FM Seattle, has an online and on-air service reaching over 200,000 global listeners each week. Special live performance videos recorded on KEXP's YouTube channel was very important for their brand recognition. KEXP continues to take firm steps towards becoming a constantly developing and inspiring radio establishment “to make an impact” which is to provide a richer music experience for both musicians and music lovers. A personal favorite show on KEXP is "The Morning Show" where John Richards hosts the show.

2) NTS Radio

It is an online radio station and media platform in England's Hackney district in London. I live so near to their Station that we are practically neighbours. I think this is very meaningful for the both parties, what do you say, NTS? Well, they say, "Get the right neighbours like ourselves rather than getting the right place.” In my personal situation, I’m getting the place as well! Okay back to our topic, NTS Radio has been rising and improving their content since 2011. They are raising their voice on sensitive issues on their radio programs such as discrimination, which -unfortunately- is still a thing in 2020. In their words, they “must be something sustainable.” If you still haven't met NTS and it’s numerous radio programs and unique content, you're missing out!

3) Worldwide FM

With Worldwide FM, you’re at the right place to embark on a journey amongst cultures! This radio lives up to it’s name and make any possible expectations fulfilled concerning internationality! Worldwide FM was founded in September 2016. It’s an international radio that is based in East London as well as Kyoto, Los Angeles, Paris, Rio, and Tokyo. The biggest unique feature that caught my attention that it was promoting musicians from all around the world, to all around the world.

4) Dublab

Dublab was Founded in 1999. It has hundreds of radio programs hosted by some of the most talented DJs worldwide. Dublab, a radio station that offers free music selection and broadcasting rights to its DJs, takes the issue of supporting musicians very seriously. This is great since it’s quite important! "Influential sounds of the past flow into the dynamic sounds of tomorrow." Maybe this is my favorite motto so far. Dublab welcomes the musicians who go after their passion for music lovers. Dublab also offers live cultural experiences and promises a shocking sound and visual experience. Listen to Dublab!

5) Netil Radio

Netil Radio, an eclectic program of over 80 shows ranging from jazz, world, spoken word, leftfield electronica, funk & soul, ambient and other alternative genres is from the heart of Hackney, London. In this article, it may seem like I’m only including my neighbours, but what can I do if my neighbours are cool music broadcasters. Netil Radio is a radio company broadcasting from a transport truck. The station plays exclusive content both online and to a live terrace audience at weekends.

Art: Isabella Rendon


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