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Roller Skates: On the Rise

With the winter semester coming to a close and summer on the horizon, I’ve been looking for something to fill my time with. Recently, while scrolling through TikTok I thought I found the perfect activity, but what I didn't realize was how many other people had the exact same idea.

What I found was a girl roller skating and doing tricks at a skatepark. Of course, it looked easy watching an experienced skater, so like many other viewers, I decided to buy a pair and try myself. The only problem- most skates are on backorder across the internet because of these TikTok's.

Due to the popularity of these TikTok skating videos, roller skates have cleared off the shelves. On the Impala site (a popular brand of skates), all sizes over, and most under size 5 are sold out completely. Other sites follow suit, being sold out of most, if not all, sizes. Some places, such as Urban Outfitters, allow customers to pre-order skates, but the price is almost double the usual selling price and the consumer will not get their hands on a pair of skates for at least another month.

After hours of unsuccessful searching, I gave up for a loss. But this isn’t the end of my roller-skating journey because I am determined to get my hands on a pair. Specifically, a pair of Moxi Beach Bunny roller skates, one of the most popular and, I think, visually appealing out there.

Roller skates have become more than just a recreational activity, but also a fashion statement. When searching for a pair, one of the main criteria in my mind was the look of them. There are so many different styles available, between cheetah print and pastels, the endless possibilities make the idea of styling them incredibly desirable.

Another increasingly popular style of roller skates are Vans and Converse skates. Prior to seeing them on TikTok I had no idea they even existed, but they are rapidly becoming more and more popular.

If I get my hands on a pair, I will no doubt build my outfits around them while skating, whether I become a pro like the popular TikToker’s or remain at a beginner level. I picture flare pants, skater skirts, t-shirt dresses, and of course, a whole lot of protective gear!

My fantasy of recreating Trixie Mattel’s Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 entrance is just around the corner...hopefully. Keep your eyes peeled for more roller skating content once I finally acquire a pair!


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