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She / Her/ Black Bitch Perfectly Exemplifies Why Doechii is That Bitch

If you’ve been on the internet in the past two years you’ve no doubt heard the infectious work of rapper Doechii. She took over TikTok in 2019 when her track “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” was one of the most popular audios of the year, and has only continued her rise to the top. After being featured on Isaiah Rashad’s “Wat U Sed” and opening for SZA on tour Doechii became the first female rapper signed to Top Dawg Entertainment. Earlier this month she released her first EP and second project under the label, She / Her / Black Bitch. She brings us messages of acceptance and confidence highlighted through clever lyricism and sonic beats. With features like Rico Nasty and SZA, Doechii’s latest EP brings us many exciting moments.

From the explosive opener, “Swamp Bitches” featuring Rico Nasty, Doechii brings us the infectious beats paired with intelligent and explosive lyrics that we’ve come to expect from the young Florida artist. The song perfectly captures the feeling of stepping into your power and reclaiming your worth. With lyrics like “Doechii the Bottom Feeder to Doechii the Don Diva” we see Doechii explicitly letting us know this is her era, and rightfully so. Seamlessly Transitioning into “Bitch I’m Nice”, Doechii reaffirms she’s that girl as she flawlessly raps over house beats.

We hear a pointed shift from the upbeat dance sounds of “Bitch I’m Nice” to the slowed down contemplative nature of “Bitches Be” featuring Jst Ray. Through Doechii’s real and honest lyrics we can journey with her through the rollercoaster emotions of knowing you’re the shit but still wondering if you’re really enough. As we transition into “This Bitch Matters” it’s as if we’ve sat down with Doechii as she contemplates where she’s at and where she will go next. Through lyrics like "What should I do ? Do today ? Who should I be ? Be today ?" Doechii touches on the pressures of finding yourself and changing with the times. Followed by the chorus which brings feelings of acceptance.

The EP closes on the updated version of “Persuasive” that features fellow TDE artist, SZA. The track maintains its soulful dance sound, but the addition of SZA’s honey like vocals makes the song all the more mesmerizing. The song transports you through velvety harmonies, smooth almost funk like dance beats, and of course lyrics begging to be sang with your chest. Her performance of the original track at July's 2022 BET Awards even earned her a VMA nomination for Push Performance of the Year.

From the first track we see a declaration of power on She/ Her/ Black Bitch, that only builds as the EP goes on. Bursting with exciting beats, witty and uplifting lyrics this EP leaves us in anticipation for what hits Doechii will give us next.


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