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Shopping During Quarantine

With online shopping being the main source to shop recreationally during quarantine, shopping has become increasingly difficult. Being unable to try things on or having to pay high shipping prices turn shopping therapy into a hassle. To combat this, I have been more often shopping on second-hand sites or DIYing my clothing. Here are some of the places that have helped me avoid shopping disasters.


First, my go to favourite place to shop- Depop, a secondhand site where users sell their stuff directly to others. Sellers set the listing and shipping prices, often resulting in low shipping costs but high item pricing. A downside to Depop is that there are a lot of sellers who thrift clothing and sell it at a super inflated price. To combat this, I look for people trying to clean out their closet, rather than those who make a business out of their service.

Although shopping secondhand doesn’t ensure the garments will fit, it ensures a lower price and allows you the option to resell using the same platform.

Shopping tip: Search for specific brands you like. Some sellers will tag the brand whether the item is from there or is of a similar style, which makes finding things easy!

My favourite purchase: This party monster t-shirt is probably my most worn item from Depop. Originally, I had seen it on the Dolls Kill site, but I do not support the brand by purchasing directly from them and the listing price was around triple the Depop price. A bonus: it glows in the dark!


Similar to Depop, Poshmark is a site where users sell their gently used clothing.

Unlike Depop, Poshmark has a flat rate shipping price of $13.49 and the clothing is usually set at a lower price. I have only used this site once, but the experience was great.

Shopping tip: Like items you’re interested in, sometimes the seller will send you private


My favourite purchase: These pants cost a whopping $7 (plus $12.99 shipping) and came in perfect condition. As my first Poshmark purchase, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but these left me with high expectations.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is much like the last two sites on this list, where users sell their pre-used stuff. But what makes this different is that most sellers offer pick up or meet ups rather than shipping. This may be a downside to some, but as someone with a car and not much else to do, it's perfect.

Shopping tip: Facebook Marketplace has just about everything and at a low cost. Most sellers are looking to get rid of their stuff, so don't be afraid to bargain and search for specific items.

My favourite purchase: I finally found the item I scoured the internet for: roller skates. Definitely my best purchase, and at a low cost for a brand new pair.


One of my favourite activities, DIYing. With the new-found abundance of time induced through quarantine, many people have more time to spend on things like revamping their wardrobes. This is an easy and affordable way to change up your wardrobe, without the hassle of online shopping.

DIY tips: Check YouTube or TikTok for ideas! Additionally, second-hand sites can be used to

purchase cheap clothing to play around with.

My favourite DIY: Most recently, I made a pair of stockings into a fishnet shirt simply by cutting holes in the crotch for my head and in the feet for my arms. A cheap and easy way to make wardrobe staples- these are great for layering!


I have found a love for Etsy during this year, where it is becoming increasingly important to support small businesses. Etsy has everything and is perfect for gifts for your friends or yourself.

Shopping tips: Favourite shops you like to get updates on when new items are added or when there are sales. Also, utilize the filters to make for an easier shopping experience. Usually, I try to search for items within Canada with free shipping.

My favourite purchase: Lately I’ve been obsessed with statement earrings and this shop has the perfect affordable, local, handmade jewelry. These earrings are great to spice up any outfit, I imagine them with mix and matched patterns and blue colours.

After learning my lesson paying large customs and shipping fees and struggling with online sizing, I have looked to this list for retail therapy. And so far, I've had mostly good experiences! This list is by no means extensive, but I've found these idea's helpful and hopefully you do too.


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