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Shroom Bloom: The Latest from Harry Styles

When the announcement of Harry Styles's beauty brand Pleasing went live the space time continuum was altered. It was an entrancing concept destined for greatness. And it worked. One of the biggest pop stars of the twenty first century releasing a skin care and nail product line sent the masses realing. Now, a year later Pleasing has reentered the beauty landscape, and our hearts.

The newest collection appropriately titled Shroom Bloom takes a trip back to the 1970s with its floral patterns and psychedelic aesthetic. As we dive into the new collection let's also take a look at Styles, his inspirations, and the new face of Pleasing.

The Creator

Whether you're an adoring fan or simply watching from the sidelines, you're aware of Harry Styles and his show stopping wardrobe. Heavily inspired by 1960s and 1970s attire with a bit of his own flare the singer often gravitates towards his own set of essentials: bold printed suits, colorful sweaters and sweater vests, fun graphic tees, and heeled boots. Taking a nod from both eras Styles often has walked the line between womenswear and menswear, playing heavily on a genderless wardrobe. Over the years he's gained quite the attention for including elements such as cutouts, sequins, pearl necklaces, ruffles, and even feathered boas. It was only two years ago when Styles caused quite the stir with his front cover of Vogue where he adorned a sheer, lace, baby blue Gucci dress. The black Gucci blazer on top failed to classify the outfit as masculine, and the star sparked great controversy over the future of fashion.

While the controversy and headlines consumed portions of the internet, it proposed a valid question in the fashion world. Who or what dictates the boundaries between men and women's fashion? In the eyes of Styles, designers, and general public fashion is a tool for self expression. It's a way to show yourself to the world; to have fun and be playful no matter what the label on the garment states. Continuing his reign, Styles has taken his free spirited nature towards fashion and entered the beauty world with his line Pleasing. If anyone can wear a dress, why not take it a step further and amp up the look with a coat of nail polish?

Find Your Pleasing

While Pleasing is fairly new to beauty regimens everywhere it has become an all consuming force and brand to watch. Debuting in November of 2021 the company took off at a rapid pace. Full of pastel pink and blue nail polish, lip oils, and face serums Styles's line hoped to embellish rather than conceal. The products and their iridescent finishes were all about taking liberties and having fun.

With 2022 in full swing Pleasing has just announced its latest drop, Shroom Bloom, which transports you directly into the eccentric and lively times of 1969. Full of bright colors, soft pastels, and whimsical imagery it serves as the perfect collection for the Spring season. The shining elements of the collection include the quartet set of nail polish that features an array of options to choose from. From Tender Bud (a soft beige) to Sprouting (a pale, minty green) to Vine Ripe (a vibrant red) you're able to create your one of a kind look. Styles's inclusion of The Whole Dewniverse (a sheer holographic glitter) allows you to truly make your nails shine. To top of your newly acquired manicure Styles offers Hand + Nail Balm fully equipped with apricot, shea butter, and tremella: a natural plant collagen aimed at providing hydration to the palms and nail beds.

If you're in need of more skin care add Acid Drops to your cart and marvel at the glow it adds to your everyday look. Playfully named, the overnight serum works to reset skin from effects of pollution and stress all while giving a dewy finish. With its drop applicator and translucent, shimmering finish it's sure to please.

Additionally you can upgrade your closet with brand new Pleasing apparel. Options range from the Pleasing Crewneck in sky blue, or the set of tee shirts in Sunshine Yellow and Blush Pink. Alongside the company's name in a stark red font all apparel is decorated with Shroom Bloom's mascot: a dreamy frog surrounded by flowers, mushrooms, and natural elements. Created by Los Angeles artist Marisol Muro the packaging and aesthetic of the collection evoke Woodstock, Peter Max, and 1970s nostalgia.

Influential Members

But wait, there's more! As if the collection could make a bigger splash, Styles used his connections and know how to bring us the face of Shroom Bloom: Mick Fleetwood. Mick Fleetwood (along with his band members) remains as one of the biggest icons that pushes memorable music, a casually cool attitude, and incredible fashion moments. Standing as a pillar of the 1960s and 1970s Fleetwood had first hand experience of Styles's fashion influences. It was a carefree time when no questions were asked - only experimentation.

It's interesting to see the parallels between the two musicians. Their similar aesthetic demonstrate the ways in which fashion tends to repeat itself. The twenty first century has dawned a decade revival. Once again there is an open, non judgemental space for creativity - and Harry Styles is taking advantage of it. Then and now there is no gender, no limits, only what feels right.

Shroom Bloom Blooms

I never would've guessed I would see Mick Fleetwood wearing a bright red nail polish concocted by Harry Styles, but I am here for it. As a huge fan of 1960s and 1970s attire and aesthetics this collection is everything I could've hoped for and more. While the Shroom Bloom set retails for $65 and the crewneck coming in at a total of $105 I have no doubt that the collection will be selling out in no time. When it drops be prepared. Add the necessities to your cart, and get ready to be entranced.

Illustration by Inci Sahin


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