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Will Shygirl Turn Me Into A House Music Enthusiast?

The concerts I usually attend are indie shows. Young artists, creatives, spilled drinks, merch tables, heavy instrumentals, folky croons, and bathrooms covered in random quotes and Instagram handles are the usual sounds and sights of my Friday nights. But, last Friday my roommates and I decided to take the road less traveled and go to our first house music concert. 

We decided on Shygirl aka Blane Muise after some debate on our living room rug a month prior. Muise is an English DJ, singer, and co-founder of a record label. House music is a genre that I’ve been slowly getting into. Its dancey uh, uh, uhs, have infiltrated my headphones, making me dance a little on my 20-minute walk home. On Friday, we knew it was going to be a late night, a fun night, and had to prepare as such. 

Our apartment was pumped with the newest Charli XCX track, Yaeji, and of course, Shygirl as my roommates did a “love island grwm” aka us sitting around the dining room table doing our makeup. I asked for Sici’s sparkly eyeshadow as I ran from room to room trying different outfits in different mirrors. I settled into my blue tights and red shirt topped with black boots and we headed out to Concord Music Hall. On our way, we got some emergency gummy bears that I still have in my purse. The line slithered around the block, everyone eager to get inside. Flashes of digital cameras, giggles, and hushed conversations acted as an opening soundtrack to the night as we stood in line. 

After finally getting inside, it was time to find our spot at “Club Shy.” Club Shy was the nicest crowd I’ve interacted with in a long time. I didn’t worry about my roommates finding me again after going to the bathroom or grabbing a drink, people were sweet, with no side eyes or whispers in sight. Longtime opener for Shygirl, Angela Steps aka Angelita, opened up the night with her mixes. She set the tone, bopping in front of a screen with visuals LED lips. Immediately, I realized why people go to house shows. Everyone is in their own world, dancing wildly, oscillating between chatting with their friends, and going back to the music. It's casual, yet upbeat, with this bubbling excitement of the night ahead.

Bobby Beethoven came on next, supplementing Angela Steps’ vibe. He orchestrated a masterpiece of queer, experimental, funky mixes, moving with the energy of the room. Handheld fans were being waved all around us and eventually passed to us too. Club Shy held this weird community in the palm of its hands. Everyone buzzed as if in one huge bee hive waiting for the queen bee. 

Two hours after our arrival Shygirl made it up to the DJ stand. Muise’s presence is magnetic, the crowd dancing forward, her appearance drawing them in. Her set honestly was awesome. She played her hits and transitioned with Beyonce's songs. The crowd’s restlessness disappeared, letting go even further. We twirled, moved our arms in figure eights, hip checked with our neighbors. Myself and my roommates could feel the beats pulsating in us, becoming a part of the music ourselves. I thought multiple times, ‘I gotta get some earplugs.’ 

Shygirl goes back and forth from crowd-pleasers to new tracks, all with her voice coming in every so often, giving the crowd a mix and match, solidifying for life Club Shy memberships. Having Shygirl be my first real house show was probably the best choice we could’ve made. I will be back, maybe next time with earplugs. 


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