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Simultaneously Writing This While Listening To The 1975's New Album Notes On A Conditional Form

Think of this article like Jack Kerouac's "On The Road". Maybe I'll make spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes here and there, but I'm not changing anything. This is not a review, this is just me spitting things out. There is no proper beginning or a proper ending.

Considering that I'm a huge the 1975 fan, I have been waiting for this day for a long, LONG time. Notes On A Conditional Form is out. I've shut all the lights, lit myself a candle, and turned off my internet to fully take in the album. A meditation of some sort.

Currently, I'm on the 8th song, "Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America". I've already listened to this song for many times when they released it as a single so I think I'm concentrating on what I'm writing more than I'm concentrating on the song, not feeling very guilty. I can't stop thinking about the song "Yeah I Know" though. I'm considering that song as a "Somebody Else 2.0" the bigger and better version. It's heavily inspired by Burial, just like A Frail State Of Mind and it shows. It fits very well with their dynamic and it's the perfect song to listen to at night, windows al the way down. That's such a 2014 Tumblr playlist aesthetic but I don't really care, it is the perfect night song.

While I'm talking about Roadkill already passed. Thats's alright. I didn't stop to write anything about it. Probably meaning that I didn't like it as much. Maybe it'll grow on me we'll see. I'm currently on "Me & You Together Song" When it first came out we had a debate about it being a good song or not with my boyfriend. He strongly argued that the aesthetics that they were going for with their music video was already done over and over again and it wasn't interesting. Personally, I didn't see that considering that I was a big fan of the 00's era, and the Von Dutch t-shirts. Also, I'm a sucker for cute, lovely dovey lyrics. "I think this story needs more pages, I've been in love with her for ages" screams that. When we drop the aesthetic talk and talk about the song itself, it could be more ambitious, I agree. Oops moving on to the next song.

Another Burial inspired songs, here we go. Not complaining though. We're on I Think There Is Something You Should Know (is this the name of the song, I won't bear to check)

I feel like the piano really compliments the whole electronica base and brings a lot of diversity to the table. OH, well things took an unexpected turn and I think I'm listening to one my favorite parts from the album right now. The electronic interludes might be a lot for some, but it does the trick for me. The distorted/deep vocals are also a great compliment to the songs, making them more sultry and deep.

Very jazzy, watery piano playing right there, we're on track number 12. This might be a favorite. This is obviously very hip-hop-inspired alongside with amazing choir-like singing. This makes me think ıf Kanye West too, especially In terms of questioning life and meaning, this gives me the same energy that If I Believe You does, another amazing song by theirs from their second album. I forgot to type something during a couple of seconds, I'm trying to take this song in. It's really good.

I'm loving the second rest of the album. There seems to be a big hip-hop influence, once again. Vocals-wise the James Blake influence is undeniable ith Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy). I think with this album, they have taken their classic the 1975 sound and experimented with it, stretching the producing and the beats to different edges. It works perfectly. I've always wanted to hear more electronic/downtempo inspired things by them and this album is giving me everything I wanted. I'm on track number 15, Shiny Collarbone, and this song is no different. This one in particular though, is somehow unexpected.

If You're Too Shy Let Me Know is definitely one of their best singles in my opinion. I was looking forward to this one since I've heard it's live version in one of their concerts, long before they released it and it sounded amazing. It's the perfect pop song, sing along-able with a great build-up and amazing two-dimensional vocals in the second part. I can't wait to sing this song in a the 1975 concert, as soon as we get over this whole pandemic situation. Really looking forward to those days.

Playing On My Mind sounds a lot like Be My Mistake and She Lays Down. Not only because of the tempo of the song but it's more about the way that the guitar was played I guess. This one though, seems a little bit underwhelming compared to the other songs that I've heard so far. I can definitely imagine myself listening to this song and "it hitting differently" during a bus ride but it didn't do it's trick just yet. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

Having No Head has very similar background effects to the Intro song, "The 1975." This one is a slow burn for me, as it increases it's tempo slowly, but making sure to grab you in with every second. Each moment of the song has something to offer and I love lyric-free songs where you can deep dive into the production and the instruments. Oh H-here comes another electronic drop-y dubstep oriented segment. I'm assuming I've reached the middle of the song, maybe the ends, once again I won't bear to check.

I like ZHU quite a lot, and this one reminds me of that. "What Should I Say" I mean. The highly-edited vocals of Healy probably pushes that reference. I like this song, but not quite as much as I would I think. Something seems off for me, maybe a bit undone or repetitive. I don't have much to comment on this song I guess.

Bagsy Not In NEt.

I feel like this is the 4th or maybe the 5th song with the very obvious Burial-like build up. A fifth remake of Frail State Of Mind. I'm not sure if I should consider this as a "it's the tone of the album." or as an unnecessary repetition. It's not that I don't like it or I'm not happy that we have a the 1975 album with over 20 songs. I'm thrilled about that but I'm questioning the necessity of 4 or 5 songs that have a very similar function.

Don't Worry Darling sounds like something that I really needed to hear. Once again, I'm a sucker for cute lyrics. "Don't worry darling, cause I'm here with you, Don't worry darling, sun will shine through." Thanks Matty. I needed someone to tell me that sun will shine through eventually. This is a lullably-like song, with a great vocal play.

Oh, this song I've heard before the album came out. It's a very cute way to finish this album. I like the contrast between the "Will I die in a band?" and the lyrics in this song. The lyrics, are a bit cheesy even for my taste but what's wrong with singing about being grateful about a specific time of your life and to the people who made it.

I'm pressing publish now, not having read this for the second time, whatever this is.


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