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Harnessing the Power of Hate: Sophie Powers' Better on Mute

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Sophie Powers, the 19-year-old sensation making waves in the music scene, has emerged as a formidable force with her latest single, Better On Mute. Having shared stages with the likes of Waterparks and YUNGBLUD, Powers draws inspiration from eclectic sources such as 100 gecs and Deftones, crafting a sonic landscape uniquely her own.

The track, a defiant anthem against online and real-world haters, sees Powers delving into the complexities of self-hatred amidst a backdrop of hyper-pop brilliance. Her biting lyricism confronts the haters head-on, declaring that their negativity is redundant—she's already wrestling with her own inner demons. The marriage of infectious electric guitar lines and pulsating bass showcases Powers' ability to seamlessly blend genres while maintaining a gripping emotional intensity.

Sophie Powers

"Better On Mute" thrusts the listener into its sonic realm with an assertive bass line that commands attention from the get-go. Sophie Powers, with her distinctive breathy vocals, takes center stage against a backdrop of pounding percussion, creating a dynamic and immersive auditory experience. Her vocal delivery, almost conversational yet intricately layered, serves to captivate the audience throughout the track.

Slowing down during the pre-chorus and adding in electronically enhanced high-pitched vocals, she sings "You'll never be who you want/I think that you should give up/I rip myself down enough for the both of us." In a time where it is so hard to be a teenager, especially in the entertainment world with eyes on you at all times, it is no wonder why young people are struggling with mental health at an alarming rate. We should all adopt the kindergarten-aged saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all."

The chorus is by far my favorite part of the song as she adds heavier elements to the track, like a more full-sounding percussion line and more electric guitars. Referencing the comments she gets on social media, like people calling her "cringe," and an "ego-centric bitch," she tells them you don't have to do this because "I'll do it myself."

Overall, "Better On Mute," is your next go-to hyperpop track, encompassing heavy metal elements with Sophie Powers' iconic vocals. You can stream the song on every platform, and see her live as she supports Scene Queen on select dates.


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