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Soul-Searching for You: Harrison Lipton Sets the Stars on Fire on New Single "Sagittarius"

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Photo by Genevieve Andrews, Graphic by Tuana Özcan

I always make jokes about having repeat offenders featured in this magazine, artists that just can't stay away from the smart-asses we have on staff here at Tonitruale (I'm the only one, it's a heavy cross to bear). But there are very few that I would say I am ecstatic to be reviewing again. Brooklyn's own Harrison Lipton is back with a fiery new single, hot and feverish enough to melt whatever's froze over your Grinchy heart.

Lipton has proven time and time again that he can run with the best across the genre spectrum- he's the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense- and we definitely see him on the on his latest track, "Sagittarius." It's gut wrenching, it's sweet enough to give you cavities, and gotDAYUM, is this shit catchy. Ballad rock meets electroshock meets silky, silky rhythm and blues- not R&B- Rhythm. And. Blues. Put some respect on it. Like Clapton used to sing before he went wing nut on us. "OOH I love your fire," the tracks hook, is the first thing you hear from Lipton waft through your ears as the instrumental kicks up.

Begging and pleading, there's something indescribable between us, "This chemistry will be the death of me," there is not a hornier song on streaming than this song. Looming and pensive, the bass line commands attention as the verse begins, timid keys and reverb-soaked synth waves rise and swell with the feelings in his voice as they lead us gently into the chorus, before punching you in the fucking throat with the drum line and the sky-diving cymbals. Each run coincides with Lipton soul bearing lyrics. He's gotta have you, he knows full well the damage you do, he's completely sane but he's losing it every second he's away from you, the cold outside your window is enough to drive the lovesick to desperate, desperate measures. "OOh, I love your fire."

Do you have friends that are chronically down bad? Got a clueless main squeeze you need to take a hint? Horny? Send this to that special little someone. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is old and tired. Send em' "Sagittarius" and melt that winter snow off your best Hallmark holiday duds.

Harrison Lipton

Genevieve Andrews

Rob Lucchesi

Tuana Özcan


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