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Spooky Graphic Liner to Incorporate Into Your Fall Wardrobe

It's officially November, and if you're anything like me then it will take some time to hop of the Halloween train. For those who want to spice up their everyday looks, here are some graphic ideas inspired by spooky season.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…

Say his name three times to summon this Beetlejuice liner. Black and white stripes combined with a pop of purple eyeshadow, or for a fun twist, add green. This is the perfect subtle spooky glam makeup for any fall day.

Ghostest with the mostest

This one’s for ghouls who like a little spookiness even after Halloween. These little ghosts are perfect for any outfit, wear neutral colours for added fall vibes, or go full colour to stand out, either way these little ghosts are sure to make any look pop.

Sweet but corny

All hail the worst tasting, and yet the most aesthetically pleasing, candy to ever live. Candy corn’s fun colours are perfect for fall, reminding me of yellowing leaves and brisk mornings. This liner is super easy to do, just add yellow, orange and white to create the candy corn shape, and, for added effect add some eyeshadow to match!

Spooky colour palette

An easy way to be subtly spooky on the daily is to incorporate Halloween colours into your everyday wardrobe, and that includes your makeup! Two of my favourites are orange and purple, so, I created a graphic liner look inspired by them. Take it to the extreme and use your full face, or create a simple liner utilizing spooky colours, either way, you’re sure to feel your pumpkin queen fantasy!

There will be blood

Fake blood is always a popular trend during October and if you want to carry spooky energy into November then why not try blood drip eyeliner! All you need is red eyeliner (or an alternative red makeup product) to make winged liner, then add blood drips. To really make it pop, add red glitter!

Final thoughts

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean that spooky season has to be. Spice up your outfits with some spooky themed makeup and remember, Halloween is only 363 days away!


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