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Steal These Horror Villain's Looks

It’s officially October, which means that spooky season is in full effect. To start this month off I thought I would take you through a series of horror villains and provide some costume (or spooky attire) inspiration.

Michael Myers

Details: Jumpsuit, boots, mask

A true fashion icon rocking a vintage boiler suit. To get this look, simply locate a dark blue jumpsuit, a mask and some black boots. This outfit is simple and can be worn as an everyday look or paired with the iconic mask to become the film's very own Haddonfield Boogeyman- Michael Myers.


Details: overalls, shirt, sneakers

Chucky has a very recognizable and easily replicable look, which may be a popular choice for many Halloween-goers this year with the Chucky TV series airing mid-October. With a striped shirt, white sneakers, overalls and some paint you can become your very own Good Guy doll. For a simple version, don the apparel and add some red hair colour, freckles and a knife, or go even further by painting the Good Guys graphics onto the overalls for a complete replication of this killer doll.

Silent Hill Nurse

My costume of choice this year comes a twisted nurse from the video game and film Silent Hill. To recreate this look all you need is a nurse costume- dress, hat and stockings. With this base equipment you’re ready to darken it up by staining the garments with tea and making them look dirty, then painting veins either directly onto your legs or onto the stockings (alternatively, just make the tights look dirty and leave out the veins). Lastly, you’ll obviously need the nurse's mask- handmade either from gauze, store bought or painted on with makeup.


Details: wig, blazer, pants

For this look all you need is a black and white striped pantsuit. But any striped outfit and green hair combo will automatically scream Beetlejuice, making this costume one of the easiest. Pair it with the book of the recently deceased and some fake moss for extra effect.


Details: mask, robe, gloves

What’s your favourite scary movie? If it’s Scream, then this one’s for you! All you need is a robe (personally, my High School graduation robe came in handy for this costume), black gloves, and of course, the mask. Ghostface’s mask can be purchased at any Halloween store or created fairly easily with makeup. Top it all off with a fake knife and a splash of blood.

Final thoughts

Whether your costume is store bought or a fully DIY, horror villains always make great options. Don’t be afraid to take some everyday inspiration from these characters, some of this genre’s fashion is so good it's scary.


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