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Styling iCarly and Victorious, Kristen Dangl

Stylist Kris Dangle is responsible for the very creative styling and costume design for many shows and movies across the board for Nickelodeon, but I really think she takes the cake with children’s sitcoms iCarly and Victorious for the near perfect character creation and outrageous comedy created using fashion.

I think we can all agree that iCarly and Victorious were amazing shows produced by Nickelodeon. In my opinion, the styling and costume design for the shows were always so on point with the styles at the time, characterizations for each actor and actress and overall funny expressions of fashion. With iCarly running from 2007 to 2012, and Victorious running from 2010 to 2013, each show had their own general styles were pop punk but some styles that were mixed in seem geographically based. iCarly being in Seattle, Washington, USA, using a grungier/normcore style. While Victorious uses an LA based art pop style and even a LA skater aesthetic if you look at some of the boys like Andre. Already contextualizing each of the shows characters into popular west coast cities, Dangl did a wonderful job setting the scene.

Quoted in the Children’s Museum Indianapolis, she characterized Carly’s classic silhouette “black skinny jeans tucked into boots, a feminine top, and a lightweight jacket.” She said that the styles for iCarly, she wanted to use layering, but not too heavy of layers, “to remind the viewer the show takes place in Seattle.” She also liked to use contrasting colors and fabrics to elaborate on this; like using darker denim and natural tones with bright pink silk to give it a pop.

For Sam she said that because she operates as a comedic relief through crashing through things and always having food, the cargo pants would be essential. Along with the layered long

sleeves on top to still give it that ‘Seattle’ affect.

As for Victorious, I believe that Andre, Mr. Sikowitz and the pair of Jade and Beck are meticulously created in just the same way. For Sikowitz, he is the crazy, vagabond, and bohemian drama teacher or the students in Victorious and his style reflects that, hairstyle in all. The large Buddhist or spiritual necklaces, shirts with paisley or bohemian prints, and even some cut off pieces. His style is perfectly crazy for an arts teacher from the west coast.

Just professional enough to come to work, but at an arts school in LA, certainly teachers are allowed to express themselves more. Andre has almost a San Francisco Bay area style, possibly because he is one of best musicians and producers in the whole show, possibly a musical reference to rappers in the bay area. Sagged baggy dark denim, always a chain, locks, large belt but also has a smart top like a plaid button up or an artsy t-shirt.

I know all alternative kids looked at Jade and Beck and fell in love because of their cool demeanor and their sexier looks. With Beck looking like any well-dressed casual pop punk artist and Jade clearly being the goth girl of the group, it is no wonder this couple receives so much attention still to this day.

Lastly, I cannot forget the effect that Gibby had on me so I will just leave pictures for lack of better words to describe uncanny.


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