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Taking Fashion into Your Own Hands

During the summer of 2020 home based hobbies reached new heights with one of the most popular methods being crochet. With yarn in hand many took to TikTok and other forms of social media to show off their creations. We all awed at 70s inspired jumpsuits, granny square purses, and corset tops with adjustable drawstrings. And of course we cannot forget the viral Harry Styles color blocked cardigan. After entrancing fans and crocheters alike the designer was kind enough to share the pattern for everyone to attempt.

Usually trends come and go. We pick up new hobbies and let the others falls by the wayside, collecting dust in the corners of our bedrooms. Yet in a turn of events crocheting has stayed - becoming a major part of Gen Z fashion.

Lasting the test of Time

Every time I open any platform I see people completing their crocheted projects. The process was never ending. Crocheters braced for the changing seasons by swapping their lightweight cotton-acrylic yarns for cozy wool blends. V-neck halters became sweaters and bucket hats transformed into knit beanies. My personal favorite are the variations of striped leg warmers that add for an extra layer of warmth and style.

Most notably the simple pastime has become a business endeavor for many. Crafters are taking projects to online marketplaces where their pieces can be purchased by any and everyone. Take to any social media outlet. Under the hashtag #supportsmallbusinesses you’ll find designers creating and stocking inventory in their makeshift studios. You’re able to view your order being packaged, labeled, and shipped all in a 30 second video. Seeing amazing crocheted items on a daily basis inspired me to become a part of this growing community - which is exactly what this centuries old skill has become. This collective within the fashion world is a place where everyone is supportive and encouraging. Crocheters across the globe are sharing patterns in addition to lending tips and tricks to assure an effective double treble. This talented community is wholesome, ingenious, and adding flare to the everyday ensemble.

Why It Matters

With time and care a simple slip knot transforms into anything you desire. It’s versatility between stitches and types of yarn allow each project to be its own special creation.

Crochet fashion among younger generations holds so much meaning because it isn’t simply a tool for boredom, but a means of self expression that promotes style and individuality. Between upcycling materials and complex patterns every article of clothing holds integrity.

When you watch crochet videos you’re able to see the craft at work - all the heart and soul winding within the structure.

Want to buy handmade crochet? Support small businesses. Below you’ll find some of my favorite crocheters and their pieces which are to die for.

@Katyiscrafty on Instagram

Inspired by nature Katy’s collection is like Spring day: colorful, bright, and playful. Find her on Instagram to liven up your closet - you can’t miss the handmade goodies she offers like bonnets, sweater vests, and mini mushroom keychain accessories.

@Knotunusual on Instagram and Depop

When I discovered Stitches by Sabby on Tiktok I was thrilled. As someone new to crochet I couldn’t help but be thankful for the array of tips and step by step guides she shares. Head to her socials to get one of a kind commissioned pieces that will spice up your wardrobe. My favorites include crocheted flower earrings and the cutest granny square drawstring backpacks.

@EyelaCrochet on Etsy

Ila took Tiktok by storm after designing a pattern for a crocheted water bottle holder (with pockets!) Turning them out by the dozens Ila’s signature creations come in an array of colors that are customizable - the choice is yours. Ready to get started? Ila’s Etsy offers a downloadable pattern that’s great for beginners.

Whether you’re ready to crochet yourself or prefer to shop small remember this: it’s no longer an age old domestic hobby. It’s artistry. It’s seizing the moment in sustainable fashion. Every crocheted item in production right this second is a statement piece that is sure to give any outfit a unique touch.

Illustration by Inci Sahin


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