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The Changing Global Period and The #1 Help Funds For The Music Industry

The music industry is experiencing it's most difficult period. The concerts and festivals are canceled due to the global coronavirus outbreak. Live events were replaced by online concerts and charity funds are being held on social media.

In this epidemic period where we are locked inside our homes, we have also witnessed that our habits are changing. Spotify's revenues have decreased, a platform in which the musicians earned a high income besides their concert schedules whereas platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Amazon became more consulted.

During this period, it will be very important to help musicians and the music industry via help funds since the streamings have significantly dropped and people don't purchase music as much.

As of March 25, Spotify shared a list of organizations that we can provide financial assistance to support musicians around the world. Some of the institutions listed are:

New Zealand - MusicHelps

The Bandcamp platform, where musicians can put their merch and albums up for purchase, announced starting with May 1, all of the sale's revenues will be made directly to the artists without interruption, and the music lovers were open to the call.

Organizations such as Spotify, Sony Music Entertainment, Amazon Music, and Universal Music are working to help thousands of creative professionals in the music industry. By your donations you will have taken a very important step for the industry and help it to survive in the face of uncertainty. Follow the sites below to find out how and where to donate.


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