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The Heavenly Sounds of SZA's "Good Days"

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

In September of 2020, SZA released her new single with Ty Dolla $ign, “Hit Different,” accompanied by a sensual and mesmerizing music video. Just as the song fades out, a heavenly sound eases in, revealing SZA in a stable-like setting. She serenades us for what feels like only a moment, giving her audience a mere taste of the single we now know as “Good Days.” Fans have been pining for the track since it’s teaser and on Christmas Day, SZA gifted fans with the full-length single.

Upon my first listen, I put in my headphones and laid down, facing the ceiling with my eyes closed. I had been waiting for this song for quite some time and already knew, based on what I have previously heard and also just by the fact that it’s SZA, that it would be a masterpiece. It begins with a subtle static with sounds of nature building upon it, transporting me to the middle of what feels like an enchanted forest. SZA’s voice soon appears, with an emotional strain that still manages to sound like silk. Draped in layered harmonies and packed with the emotions of love and longing, regret and reflection, “Good Days” was a beautiful way to end the mess that was 2020.

The same day as the song’s release, SZA put out an acoustic video where she sings “Hit Different” and “Good Days” from what appears to be from the comfort of her own bed. With her adorable dog by her side, she serenades us with ease, never missing a single note. She sings of a love that keeps you guessing, one that makes you question everything you know about yourself and about the world around you. It is certainly a painful topic but she sounds angelic as she conveys her emotions with poignant ease. Overall, “Good Days” is filled with fluid and hypnotic tranquility. Although it is uncertain whether or not this song will find its place on an upcoming record from SZA, “Good Days” will always maintain its ability to transport you into another realm of ethereal soundscapes paired with impassioned lyrics.

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