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The melancholic sound of Resa Saffa Park

Updated: May 12, 2023

Singer and songwriter Resa Saffa Park will be your new favorite discovery. Born in Dabuai, but currently based in Oslo, she grew up listening to a variety of artists and genres of music, however, Nirvana remain her main inspiration through her teenage years, the emotional sensitivity of the band is what captured Resa, this feeling reflects in her lyrics of songs like Heavy or Candles.

Another strong inspiration we can find in her melodies is jazz, with the influence of artists like Billie Holiday and Chet Baker. All of her music conveys a soothing feeling, with tones of modern and classic sounds, accompanied by bold lyrics sung by a soulful voice. She mixes pop, indie, and soul with a touch of R&B, all encapsulated in a bubble of melancholy.

Her first EP titled “Dumb and Numb” released in 2020 captures this with songs like Love ain´t Free, with a slow piano and heartbreaking vocals, or You Need a Puppy, which has sarcastic lyrics and groovy electric guitar. In her album debut “Spaces” we hear a more mature version of this sound, and the jazz influence makes a stronger appearance through the different melodies of the drums and guitars.

In her new album “Madness. Let Me In!” realize in March of this year. A soulful rhythm of the percussion accompanied by a melancholic trumpet and her sweet but strong voice is the first thing we heard in the opening track “Maintenance So High”. The lyrics of the album reflect on the past of the singer, her deep emotions that can control her life and the confusion that carries by living in the world these days.

Resa Saffa Park is a promising songwriter, one that you can listen to when you want to feel in an indie movie and romanticize this confusing and exciting time we are living in right now.


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