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The nostalgic magic of The Space Ocean

Starting as a solo project to transform into a group made up of Omar de la Rosa, José Pablo Leyva, Rodrigo Estrada, and Josel Vega. The Space Ocean is an alternative indie band from Guadalajara México.

In 2020, they release their self. titled EP, marking the start of their career. So far they have two albums, "Details Vanish" released in 2021, and “Sensation Remains” from 2022. In those, we can find their popular singles like “15” “Sadness is a pretty girl” and “fall/winter”. With time they have managed to gain 283,313 monthly listeners on Spotify and 72.9k followers on Instagram.

Their music stands out for its fresh and attractive sound, they experiment with different

elements. In its lyrics and melodies, melancholy and nostalgia stand out. They have a

homemade and minimalist production, maintaining an independent spirit.

They have had the opportunity to open for bands like “Human Tetris” and “Beach Fossils”, which has helped them establish a group sound and aesthetic on stage. They have a strong fanbase in their hometown that shows their support in the band's shows. Without a doubt, the group are rising stars, we hope to see them shine in future stages through the years.


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