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“This Is The Ultimate Trust Fall” Chicago Falls in Love With MAX at Intimate Lincoln Hall Show

Updated: Feb 28


The energy MAX brings is present long before he even sets foot on the stage. The eve of Valentine’s Day is a perfectly fitting date for this intimate show full of love and wholesome moments, as singer-songwriter, Max Schneider, better known as MAX, fills the room with warmth, friendliness, and passion.

The multi-platinum artist and former Nickelodeon star announced in the beginning of January that he would be embarking on a tour of three intimate shows in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles to celebrate the release of his 3rd studio album, Love in Stereo, set to release on February 16, 2024. The record features artists such as Huh Yunjin of K-pop group, LE SSERAFIM, as well as keshi, JVKE + Bazzi, Ali Gatie, and Duckwrth.

Throughout his entire 14-year long career, MAX’s dedication to his fans has remained center-stage. With meet and greets at every show and intimate shows always popping up, his supporters have consistently remained a top priority. This multi-talented artist never seems to run out of love and thanks to give. That’s why when MAX announced a show at Chicago’s iconic Lincoln Hall, with only a 500-person capacity, Tonitruale had to be in attendance.

The lights in Lincoln Hall come to a steady dim as “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder” blares in the speakers, nearly drowned out by the chants­— “MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX.” Suddenly a silhouette appears center stage, announcing, “Chicago, are you ready?!” The floor shakes as the audience screams, making their answer very clear.

MAX effortlessly commands the crowd as he sways his hands back and forth to the thunderous beat of “Love Me Less.” With delicate and controlled yet bold vocals, MAX shows he’s a no stranger to the stage. The fans cheer louder as he shows off his dance moves—a feature of his talent that he puts on display for the entire night.

Next up was “Stupid in Love,” a song that has gone viral on TikTok with an accompanying dance. Although it hasn’t been out long, fans knew not only every single word but the dance as well. Later in the night, MAX was sure to take advantage of this when he asks if everyone would like to record a TikTok with him and of course, asks explicitly for consent. He briefly takes a stab at teaching the dance, remarking that everybody seems to already know it, so it should be no problem. The finished product was nothing short of heartwarming and quite impressive.

MAX then takes a minute to throw it back with the iconic, “Someday” from Nickelodeon movie, Rags. With chilled out instrumentals, the spotlight is put on his soaring vocals, which have only improved since the release of the nearly 12-year-old track. It’s a song he’s had to have performed hundreds of times, but his joy is still eminent, and his smile is glowing as his dedicated fans sing back every word.

Throughout the night, many songs, such as “Say Less” and “Satisfied” were infused with funk—feeling particularly groovy and fun. With synchronized dances with his band members and saxophone solos under neon lights, the night was visionary and transportive, fueled by a clear love of the craft.

MAX slows things down to acknowledge the nearness of Valentine's Day and talks a bit about the special place Chicago holds in his heart. Going down memory lane, he tells the audience about how he proposed to his wife and now mother of his child in Chicago and it is in this city that he had his first kiss and first date with her. The love in his voice is evident and the people of Chicago embrace him warmly as he introduces his next song, confessing, “this next one will always be the most special.” Beginning the iconic and massive hit, “Lights Down Low,” a wave of emotion envelops the crowd. He asks for Chicago to be his choir and that is exactly what he gets.

At some points, the audience might even be singing louder than him. For the final verse, MAX sings jointly with his fans completely acapella, showcasing the love between them.

To close out the night, he asks, “Chicago, do you have the tiniest bit of the party left in you?” and is met with a thunderous reply. Before you know it, he’s crowd surfing to 2014 classic, “Mug Shot.” He makes his way back to the stage slowly, with the song ending before his return. He says to fans, “You guys are so sweet! This is so nice. This is the ultimate trust fall.”


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