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TONITRUALE LIVE: Jaakko Eino Kalevi's "Chaos Magic"

Updated: Jan 4

Finnish experimental pop sensation Jaakko Eino Kalevi has reemerged after a brief hibernation to premiere his first full-length release in half a decade. The highly anticipated Chaos Magic promises an exciting new angle for the multi-instrumentalist's musical undertakings. Taking inspiration from every corner of the known sonic universe and beyond, Kalevi's November double-LP promises a listening experience deserving of the five-year gestation period.

Since the 2018 release of Out of Touch, Kalevi's last full release, the singer has kept busy with the release of two EP's, a remix tape, and touring through Europe. While the majority of his new album was conceptualized at his home in Athens, Greece, the LP began materializing during his travels, growing more cohesive with new demo in each new city, before transforming into it's final form at Mutual Sound Studios in Athens, run by his friend Teemu Takatalo, who co-produced and mixed the new record alongside Kalevi. Chaos Magic also features the voices and musical talents of Alma Jodorowsky, Jimi Tenor, Faux Real, Yu-Ching Huang, who contributed to Kalevi's Dissolution EP, and John Moods.

Chaos Magic hits streaming Friday, November 17, and has been preluded over the last few months with the release of four new singles, each offering a complex and animated blend of cosmic jazz, experimental disco, neon synthpop, and space rock, sewn together stylistically by medieval fantasy and the romanticization of the intricate little wonders of ordinary life. Each single also premiered alongside an accompanying music video, the most recent of which being the fantastical and arguably the most sincere representation of Chaos Magic as a whole, "Hell & Heaven," featuring Faux Real. The single premiered Tuesday, November 14, with the video directed by FAK Agency and written by Kalevi himself.

We were able to hail down Kalevi on his journey beyond the known sonic universe to chat all things Chaos Magic, being influence by the day-to-day dredge, and recording with his idols. Check out the interview below!

Chaos Magic is available everywhere November 17.

Rob Lucchesi


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