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TONITRUALE LIVE: Pony Girl on Work Culture, Nerd Music, and Their New Album "Laff It Off"

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Canadian jazz-rock fusion powerhouse, Pony Girl, releases their latest album, Laff It Off, Friday, October 27, on all streaming platforms. After a break break in between albums, and a raucous three singles, the group is back on top and at full capacity, showcasing not only their incredibly unique and bleeding edge lyricism, but their ability to turn the pop into the peak, and the psychedelic into the purely orchestral.

Laff It Off is the band's fourth studio release, following a Rolling Stones Tattoo You approach to album building. Many of the Laff sessions were originally laid down during the recording of their previous album Enny One Will Love You. Enny One deals heavily with the need for love and companionship in the great digital age, and Laff It Off spares no effort to capitalize on the successes of its predecessor and then some. Pony Girl's latest LP dives hard into the nooks and crannies of modern work culture and nihilism, social and romantic balances, and the sweet, sweet jazz of life.

Ahead of their Halloweekend release, we caught up with Pony Girl founders and core members, Pascal Huat and Yolande Laroche, to pass around the proverbial doobie and talk about falling asleep during recording, music history, and the "joys" of the music industrial machine.

Check out the interview below!

Pony Girl

Rob Lucchesi


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