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Unveiling Friko's Latest Record: A Journey Through 'Where We've Been, Where We Go From Here'

On February 20th, Friko unveiled their latest record to the world: Where We've Been, Where We Go From Here. In this transcendent record, Friko intertwines the strands of their musical talent, presenting a collection that serves as both a nostalgic reflection on their past and a resolute declaration of their future aspirations. With vocals as sincere as ever and instrumentation reaching new heights of cinematic excellence, Friko seamlessly addresses the existential inquiry embedded within the album's title.

Attempting to confine Friko within the boundaries of a single genre would be a stupid exercice. Drawing inspiration from the vast expanse of alternative music, Friko crafts compositions that are grandiose, atmospheric, and symphonic in nature. At the heart of Friko's emotional prowess lies the stirring vocals of Niko Kapetan, whose impassioned delivery echoes the raw vulnerability of Conor Oberst. From the moment he opens his mouth, Kapetan's voice possesses an ineffable quality that tugs at the heartstrings.

At one point in our interview, Niko says, "Maybe it's a singer/songwriter thing, but you're very self-aware when you're writing a song, so you're singing about how you're writing the song," referencing his lines in "Crimson to Chrome." He later explains that he was going through a rough time writing the song, composing very sad songs one after the other. "Here is another one!" he remarks. What he simply calls "another sad song" gradually accumulated with the already existing sad ones in his repertoire, coalescing to form an album that transcended his personal sadness. Through music, he deftly transforms individual sorrow into something metaphysical and expansive, embellishing the album with a sense of profundity and universality that extends far beyond his own experiences.

They forge a distinctive approach to crafting melancholic and introspective melodies, placing equal emphasis on both instrumental arrangement and lyrical content. They are transversal and don't limit themselves to their own instruments. Bailey could hop on the piano, and Niko can sit with the drums while writing. As unusual as it sounds, it results in genuine songs where everybody partakes in a way that feels right. The opener song Where We've Been, which is also Niko's favorite song on the album, would be a great example of the importance they put emphasis on feeling above anything else. When asked about how they knew the final version of the recording was "the" one, Bailey responds:

"It was a feeling mostly. We have tried a couple of version of it and something didn't feel right about it so we had to reconvene. Our producer Scott told us that something had to change and we discussed what could be that. After we went through that take, there was a massive feeling of catharsis and we knew it was right. Before going in to recording, we deliberately didn't talk about it too much on how would we change it. "

Listening to Friko's music is similar to looking at a well-lit bonfire or a fireworks display—a sensory overload of vibrant energy and emotive intensity. Tracks like Crashing Through exemplify this duality, marrying poignant lyrics with electrifying riffs to create an atmosphere that is simultaneously heartrending and exhilarating. It evokes memories of seminal albums like You Forgot It in People by Broken Social Scene, resonating with a raw emotional power that leaves an indelible impression.

Along with the explosive and hard-hitting tracks, there are beautiful ballads born out of compassion and empathy like Until I'm with You Again. It's an instant classic that reverberates with the timeless power of love and togetherness. Bailey, offers insights into the unique recording process behind this particular song. Unlike the other tracks on the album, "Until I'm with You Again" required a more nuanced and delicate approach. This attention to detail is evident, resulting in an offering that is not just beautiful but profoundly human.

Friko's latest album, "Where We've Been, Where We Go From Here," is a testament to the band's boundless creativity, emotional depth, and collaborative spirit. Through a seamless fusion of diverse influences and instrumentation, Friko transcends the confines of genre, delivering a collection of songs that resonate with profound authenticity.


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