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What Would Edie Sedgwick Wear In This Day and Time?

Edie Sedgwick is the ultimate it-girl and the beloved icon of every single fashion enthusiast. She has rocked the New York scene with her pixie cut hair, enormous earrings and graceful smile. It has been a long time since she and Andy Warhol defined a new culture of "celebrity" however there are still hundreds and millions of brands and big fashion names who point her as a muse. Today in my article, I will try to interpret what Edie Sedgwick would wear if she lived in our times.

Going Out To Dance:

Mediterranean Dinner Party:

Farmers Market:

Matching Set: CALLE DEL MAR

Yoga Class, Or Whatever the Trendy Sport Class Is:

Bandana : Verconiik

Picnic on A Sunny Day :

Skirt: Pink Wool Midi Skirt / PRADA

Going Out To Get An Iced Coffee and Coming Right Back Home Because There Is A Pandemic

Staying In

Birthday Party:

Shoes: Bulla Babies Shoes / NODALETO


Ela H Marie
Ela H Marie
Mar 25, 2021

Brilliant! I want all of these outfits. I can see Edie in them.

Janset Yasar
Janset Yasar
Apr 08, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Ela!

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