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Wild Love's Monday Morning Quarterback is a Nostalgic Indie Hit

Wild Love’s latest single, Monday Morning Quarterback, is a joyful wash of indie pop nostalgia. Practically made to be blasted in the car with friends, the track is an upbeat fun song to reminisce on that summer romance too.

Cowritten by Zach Benson and band member Brandon Gorman, the song is fun and catchy while looking back on a past relationship. The song succeeds in striking a balance between fun summer tune and breakup anthem with a combination of cathartic lyrics and infectious easy going beats. Rounded out with perfectly fitting vocal effects the song gives welcomed nostalgia to the carefree days of an adolescent summer.

The energy of the song is perfectly captured through the accompanying visuals released by Wild Love. Their hazy dreamlike scenes of idyllic football stadiums immediatley take you back to the excitement of young love and a high school romance. Infectious and upbeat the song is a perfect addition for your next carefree indie playlist.


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