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With Love: Resort Collections 2023

Fashion world never stops! Nowadays, where everything happens super fast and gets consumed at the same speed, fashion brands need to stay updated as well. Although resort (or cruise) collections are not incredibly new, they are now more evolved to staying up to date. For everyone that might say “What is a resort collection?” I'm here to explain.

A resort collection is what brands release after fall/winter but before spring summer collections are delivered to stores. The main aim was to create a collection for the people who go on vacation at the end of the year, when the brands do not have their spring summer collections in store. Some brands sometimes sneak in a couple looks into their other collections but many brands make huge shows for the cruise collections. This is also a way of staying relevant in between the “main” fashion weeks. That is why we will take a look at some of the shows and see if we can take something from them to put into our luggage for our vacation. From Gucci’s Cosmogonie to Dior’s Seville show, here’s everything I took away from the resort collections so far:


Alessandro Michele never creates a garment without immense thought behind it. Which is why I think Gucci is not for everyone. Of course, this resort collection called Cosmogonie was no different. These looks are definitely not for a casual suitcases, and they probably won’t be worn at vacations. When it comes to Gucci, I feel like clothes play a secondary role to the general idea. I mentioned this Gucci-vision in my Gucci Garden article as well.

Michele chose an incredible place for the Cosmogonie show. It took place in the Castel del Monte, which is a surreal place in Puglia. “It was built around the thirteenth century by the emperor Frederick II, a maverick monarch—poet, polyglot, mathematician, and magician—who presided over a sophisticated multicultural court of astronomers, artists, and warriors” (Vogue Runway). The collection itself followed similar ideas. To conclude my Gucci adoration process, I will give you a couple of looks to see, and suggest you watch the video because rather than static pictures, it is always great to watch the show to embrace the complete feeling.

Carolina Herrera:

If you are looking for a cherry covered dress, Carolina Herrera got you! The flirtiness, snatched waists, and a trip to Riviera can perfectly summarize this resort collection. Unlike Gucci’s astronomy book or Balenciaga’s slightly horror movie-like show, Herrera creates the perfect date night look at the Mediterranean coast for you.


All hail the queen of prints! Etro never disappoints for the vacation looks. With a Etro twist on butterfly y2k tops and vests, Etro keeps a youthful but also classy energy in this collection. You can choose some of the looks for night-outs or for sipping your cocktail at a terrace or for a day at the beach. This collection has got you covered for your whole vacation!

Stella Mccartney:

I have never been the one to check Stella Mccartney first during the fashion weeks, but after looking into this resort collection, I might as well do it because I loved the vibes! From the hellenistic dresses to the matching co-ords, all of the looks were so easy to wear during a vacation. Not the most eye-catching maybe, but definitely worth the talk.


Honestly, when I think of Moschino, I usually see teddy bears in front of my eyes. So I could say I was surprised when I checked this resort collection out. It climbed the ladders towards Etro when it came to prints but still pulled a Moschino look out of them. Also kept the Barbie spirit but toned them down to make you able to wear them for dinner. The 80s disco energy was what kept me digging down for more. It was the most fun collection out of this season while still being easily wearable.


I cannot say I saved the best for last this time. Although I will pay respect to Dior when it comes to a resort show because they always put extra thought into their ambiance. This year was no different with the Seville scene and the flamenco energy. You can also see the influences on the collection but I think it lacked a wow effect. Still, it had the Dior storytelling and it made the collection a bit more interesting. As always, if you are looking for a black tulle dress, Dior Resort’23 is a must see.


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