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World Premiere of Brat Pitt's New Single "Snap Dragon"

The single element of music that I always yearn for most is intimacy. Those songs, especially by a local, where you are allowed into their secret garden of emotions are always the best, and “Snap Dragon” is no exception. There are details upon details in this one song that encapsulates feelings of innocence, love and so much more. Brat Pitt, in collaboration with Daniel Gum, brilliantly combined 00’s indie music with country to create a timeless classic. This track features delicate vocals layered with a pedal steel and country rhythms to give it an ambient feel, something perfect for the summer, but warming for us now in a cold December. Gentle memories drift around our minds as we listen to the imagery of something we can all find familiar: playing in the flowers as a child. Maybe I’m biased because I grew up working in my family’s greenhouse and flower shop, but the nostalgia of “the smell of flowers, snapdragons and chrysanthemums” and “don’t forget to put your sunscreen on” was immediately relatable. For three minutes and 31 seconds I was taken back to a time where rent was an obscure concept and my biggest worry was the sun setting too soon. Taking things a step even further to make this song particularly personal, the cover art for this single is a photo of a snapdragon tattoo he got in memory of his time as a child playing in his grandmother’s garden. Cole Simmons (the mastermind behind Brat Pitt) really scooped us up into a warm hug and gifted us this song from the bottom of his heart. Out now on all streaming platforms, it’s definitely worth a listen!

Stream on Bandcamp HERE

Stream on Spotify HERE


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