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You Better Work B*tch

To celebrate the end of the Winter semester, myself and most of my peers are starting the summer off with internships or full-time jobs. Moving from a post-secondary environment where I can dress however I want to a professional setting is a little jarring on my wardrobe, so I’ve compiled some outfit inspo for myself and for others shifting towards professional work attire.

Spring Chic

Details: Blazer, top, pants.

For a light, spring inspired look, pair a chic tank top with wide leg, pastel slacks. Top it off with a blazer for a more professional look.

KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Details: top, jeans.

Keeping your outfit simple is a great way to look good with little effort. For most summer work positions, I think the fashion bar is quite low anyways, so just keep it simple, stupid! This gingham top is perfect for spring, dress it down with a pair of black jeans.


Details: vest, top, pants.

Layers always take an outfit one step further. By utilizing several pieces of clothing, you can make use of what you have to create new looks every day. This also lets you wear more casual clothing while looking chic. Pair a button up and sweater vest to immediately create a chic, smart outfit.

The Fashionista

Details: top, pants, shoes.

There’s always at least one person in any workplace that stands out for their style, why not let it be you. There’s nothing more obnoxiously chic than double gingham. Stand out in this monochromatic look, paired with loafers and jewelry to match.

WFH (Work from Home)

Details: top, pants.

Okay, honestly, most of my summer internship is taking place remotely, aka WFH, which means that I don’t have to put effort into the bottom half of my outfit. If you’re like me, then this offers a lot of leeway into what you choose to wear. Pair a cute shirt with your choice of sweatpants for ultimate comfort.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re working from home or in the office this summer, this is the perfect time to experiment with business casual attire. If you’re anything like me, then prepare to stand out amongst your colleagues in loud prints and bright colours. But honestly, the fashion bar is quite low since quarantine – now business attire has gotten a whole lot more casual (and comfortable).


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