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All Things Go 2024: How to Celebrate a 10th Anniversary the ATG Way

Photos via All Things Go

Ah, summer time. A time where the sun is out and all is right in the world-- that is if you don't watch the news or look at social media of any kind or talk to anyone about anything. But hey, at least all your favorite artists are starting their festival tours! After a brief ticketing snafu following a near immediate pre-sale sell out, the 2024 All Things Go Festival is campaigning for legend status with it's September lineup.

Bleachers at All Things Go
New Jersey's finest New Yorker? Pop music hoarder? Or just some guy playing quarters?

It's no surprise that the festival has been sold out since April, this year All Things Go is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and is pulling out all the stops. The organizers have spared no expense to put together a star-studded, ultra extravagant birthday bash, billing several of the summer's hottest (in all senses of the word) artists and a few of the festival's best and brightest past acts. Bleachers will be headlining for the third time on Saturday, September 28, alongside returners Ethel Cain and Julien Baker, both of whom performed at last year's incarnation of the festival. Soccer Mommy and Del Water Gap also once again find themselves sharing the bill on Sunday, September 29. The two were both part of the 2021 All Things Go lineup, the first post-COVID incarnation of the event.

The new additions, however, are all anyone's talking about. The first day of All Things Go promises to get festival-goers' weekends started off the right way, featuring all the bets artists to get you crying, dancing, making out, and questioning your sexuality. It's an indie dance, rock, and folk centric bill, featuring the likes of cowboy crooner, Briston Maroney, the loudest and proudest, Mannequin Pussy, and the woman responsible for putting rock fusion back in the mainstream, Rachel Chinouriri. But they didn't stop there, hell, maybe they couldn't.

I, for one, will definitely be getting my yitties out for Janelle Monáe. It's the law, and I am a rule abiding citizen.

In addition to a sprawling, all encompassing lineup, All Things Go managed to snag one three of the most exciting and sought after artists on the scene today: Remi Wolf, Janelle Monáe, and the effervescent jazz spectacle, Laufey; each an outright visionary in their own regard. Wolf's upcoming third album, Big Ideas, currently leads the charge for the most anticipated record of the summer, and looks to make the good on all the hype based the smash success of her previously released singles, "Toro/Alone in Miami" and "Cinderella." Billed with her are two of arguably the most influential and successful records of 2023, Monáe's The Age of Pleasure and Laufey's Bewitched, both of which have maintained virality since their initial releases due to overwhelming critical and public success.

Sunday's sets only up the ante. In addition to returners, Soccer Mommy and Del Water Gap, Sunday's bill showcases a mix of the industries giants and up-and-comers side by side, featuring your brand-new champions of indie rock, Blondshell and flipturn, alt-pop superstar, The Japanese House, and the eclectic Lola Young, whose popularity seems to grow exponentially overnight. Not to mention frequent collaborators and the power couple to end all power couples, guitar hero, Towa Bird, and the mean girl herself, Reneé Rapp.

What a nice-looking young man, I sure hope he hasn't danced real slow with Rockettes on dodgy molly!

Even with as action packed as Day 2 already sounds, we'd be lying if we said the excitement wasn't centered around two of Sunday's headliners. All Things Go knows their audience just a bit too well, and knew full well attendees would go crazy over America's sweetheart, Chappell Roan and lesbian Jesus himself, Hozier, tacked onto the festival poster in bold, off-white lettering. Both artists have had massive years in their own right. Between the massive global success of Hozier's third full-length LP, Unreal Unearth, the surprise release of the Unheard EP, as well as massive public acclaim due to his outspoken support of the people of Palestine, both on social media and on stage, Hozier has become a creative icon like no other. Likewise, Roan's meteoric rise to the top since the release of her smash debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwestern Princess, has continued to spurn fervent speculation surrounding Roan's new album, currently in the works with producer Dan Nigro.

All Things Go 2024 could very well be its best incarnation yet, with a dazzling cast of characters that are sure to light up every stage. Be sure to join the event waitlist for your chance to see all these amazing artists in September!

Rob Lucchesi

All Things Go Festival


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