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Back to School With The Craft

The Craft, a witchy teen movie following a group of girls trying to invoke a spirit, embodies back to school spirit. With fall on the horizon (and Halloween trailing close behind) and school starting back up, there’s no better time to talk about this classic with dark themes and even darker fashion.

One of the most iconic aspects of this film is its wardrobe, filled with plaid skirts, knee high socks and rosaries to create witchy school uniforms.

School charm

Details: top, skirt, socks, rosary, choker

First up, the perfect back to school outfit inspired by Nancy, the leader of the group. Always seen in her iconic rosary and spiked choker, Nancy sets the bar high for layering jewelry to transform her everyday wardrobe.

Invoking the spirit

Details: jacket, dress, shoes

Inspired by the character Bonnie, as well as the beach scene where the coven try to invoke a spirit. Chunky boots, a slip dress and an oversized coat to tie it all together, the only thing this outfit is missing is witchcraft.

Black magic

Details: jacket, tights

The trench coat is often a signifier of a villain in a film, and this is no different. Nancy is seen in a patent leather trench coat, which arguably foreshadows her evil character arc later in the film. This outfit is for a chilly fall day with mischievous plans. Paired with black stockings, the patent leather trench coat looks sleek and timeless.

Witchy co-ords

Details: top, skirt

The modern Heathers and The Craft cross-over we all wanted, a matching plaid set with grunge undertones. Perfect for school, with the ability to dress it up or down. Pair it with black knee high socks, a choker and chunky boots for the full grunge fantasy.

The *modern* craft

This is my take on The Craft’s fashion, the most Alissa of the list. While most infused with influences of Nancy’s dress, the exposed bralette and open oversized shirt, as well as the skirts silhouette allows for a more modern take on the films fashion. The only thing missing with this outfit is dramatic winged eyeliner and black lipstick.

Final thoughts

With back to school season beginning, The Craft's fashion is relevant now more than ever. Not only is it a film about high-schoolers, but the characters are also equip with school-ready witchy outfits to inspire students around globe.

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