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beabadoobee Releases Emotionally Driven Single "the way things go"

Indie pop singer/songwriter beabadoobee released her new single "the way things go," an emotionally driven and powerful track about breakups. Tugging on your heartstrings and making you teary-eyed, the song pulls you in and doesn't let you go the whole time. It is relatable and puts the thoughts about breakups so clearly into words.

The track was teased multiple times over the past few months but was a lot slower and melancholic. The released version is much faster with added strings and harmonies, making it sound more beautiful and put together. Beabadoobee reminisces after her past relationships, singing "And there's so much left to say/I guess I'm just the bigger guy/And there's too much on my mind/That I don't even want to try." Feeling hopeless and nostalgic about the relationship, she immediately makes you start to think about your past relationships and the feelings of the breakups come pounding in like a wave.

Perhaps the best part of the song comes in the chorus where she sings "Can't remember how to say your name/Let alone count all the freckles on your face/A distant memory I used to know." It is sad to give your all to someone and have it end, and after a while, the memory of them is there, but it fades so quickly that it is difficult to comprehend. The strings and beabadoobee's voice sound heavenly together as the song continues.

Photo by Aysia Marotta.

Overall "the way things go" is a strong and powerful single from beabadoobee, incorporating beautifully mixed strings, and carefully written lyrics, with her signature and unique voice. At just 23 years old, she is making a splash in the indie scene, sure to produce more iconic and emotional tracks to come.


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