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Hangout Festival 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to the Lineup

If you're a music fan who loves concerts but finds festivals a tad too intense, or perhaps you've experienced the potential downsides of festivals – be it scorching heat, less-than-ideal venues, dehydration, or the realization that you're not quite the sprightly 17-year-old you once were for mosh-pitting – oh do we have the ideal festival for you.

Heading into its thirteenth edition, Hangout has evolved into more than just a music festival; it's a state of mind where life itself becomes a party, where your favorite bands happen to be there too. Beyond boasting incredible line-ups year after year, Hangout has mastered the art of curating an unforgettable experience. A quick visit to their website reveals a plethora of options to fill the time between concerts. Whether you're into beach parties, psychedelic bus rides, impromptu volleyball matches followed by ice-cold Coronas, or even contemplating tying the knot, Hangout has you covered. Yes, you read that right – you can literally get married at their chapel, whether it's for fun or for real. How could you possibly top that?

This year’s lineup will showcase a slew of leading names in varying genres from pop and country, to electronic music, rock, alternative, rap, and beyond to perform on the white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama this May 17-19.  In anticipation of the event, we've compiled a list of our most anticipated acts to help you plan your festival experience.

Hemlocke Springs

One of my favorite recent discoveries is Hemlocke Springs' music and I can't wait to see her live on a stage, transforming the fun and quirks of her songs to a full-bodied performance. What sets her music apart is its colorful and textured sound, coupled with incredibly catchy hooks and addictively engaging song structures. Despite drawing inspiration from pop icons like Kate Bush and Donna Summer, Hemlocke Springs adds her own charming quirks, making each track uniquely hers. Her last EP going...going...GONE! not only showcases her phenomenal voice but also hints at even greater things to come.

Cage The Elephant

I was fortunate enough to see these guys live a couple years ago, and to this day it is still my favorite performance I have ever witnessed. Their brand-new album Neon Pill is due to drop on May 17th (Yes, during Hangout Fest), which was produced by John Hill and recorded in various iconic studios across the country, including Sonic Ranch in El Paso and Electric Lady in New York. Shultz describes Neon Pill as a record where the band has truly found their own voice, free from outside influences, and expressing themselves with unprecedented authenticity. The emotional depth of the album is particularly evident in tracks like Out Loud, a poignant tribute to Shultz's late father. What better way to follow a band into their new era by seeing them live the day they drop their album.

Reneé Rapp

Reneé Rapp seems to be dominating the music scene, and it's for a good reason. She is a Swiss army knife, able to pull off everything she sets out to do. From her iconic role as Regina George to dropping her debut album, Snow Angel, that showcases her range in every possible way, she is the rising star of our generation and she has been on a whirlwind tour across North America and Europe, performing to sold-out crowds. Having seen her dynamic performing style all over the internet, it's safe to say that I'm incredibly excited to witness the magic myself.

Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland initially caught my attention a few years ago with her remix of Dua Lipa's "New Rules," which left a lasting impression with its uniquely cool sound. Although EDM isn't a genre we typically explore, her music stood out to me. Her latest project is one of the most diverse and eclectic offerings in recent EDM history, showcasing her versatility and innovation. Known for her captivating live performances, exemplified by her "The Temple of Wonderland" experience, Alison Wonderland would undoubtedly be my top choice for letting loose and raving amidst any lineup.

Chappell Roan

Chappell Roan is no newcomer to the music industry, but it was her debut album, 'The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess,' that really put her on the map. An ex-God-girl turned pop-star, Roan's music has an unmistakable personality that makes it hard to compare her with anyone else. Her lyrics are upfront, sincere, and at times incredibly funny. The fusion of dance-pop elements with indie leanings makes her an awesome performer to check out during your visit to Hangout.

Zack Bryan

Who would have thought a country act would find itself on this list of acts that we're most excited to see? Zack Bryan has turned me into a casual country music enjoyer with his most recent self-titled album. The record defies the typical modern pop country stereotype, offering a refreshing depth of emotion, intriguing lyrical themes, and stellar performances all around. Bryan seamlessly blends elements of heartland rock and folk, creating a tasteful and beautiful sonic landscape. The instrumentation is crisp yet understated, allowing Bryan's impassioned vocals and stellar songwriting to shine.

Lana Del Rey

We saved the most legendary one for the last. Known for her signature style and haunting songs, Lana's shaking things up with her latest venture into the country scene. Recently spotted working at a Waffle House in Alabama and covering classics like "Take Me Home, Country Roads," Lana's showing a whole new side of herself. Her upcoming album "Lasso," set to release in September 2024. Collaborating with longtime producer Jack Antonoff (Bleachers legend), and country music veteran Luke Laird, Lana will undoubtedly enchant us all with this new direction she's heading towards. Whether she's belting out folk-country anthems or crooning her classic hits like Young and Beautiful, Lana's performance at Hangout is guaranteed to be a mesmerizing blend of old and new.

Fans can also look forward to a diverse array of musical offerings, from the nostalgic beats of The Chainsmokers, to the punk sounds of All Time Low. Country enthusiasts will be treated to performances by emerging star Megan Moroney and powerhouse Koe Wetzel, while electronic music fans can dance to Subtronics, Disco Lines, and Dom Dolla. From there you can check out the classics with Nelly or the rising artist Jessie Murph or Flyana Boss. No matter what your style, there is always going to be set for you to enjoy. So grab your tickets and get ready to soak up the sun at Hangout Fest 2024!

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