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"I feel like there's nothing to hide": Lauv Gets Straight Up On Upcoming Record, All 4 Nothing

Glimmering with excitement, Lauv is gearing up to release his upcoming sophomore studio album, All 4 Nothing. Multiplatinum recording artist Lauv is stepping into a deeper sense of who he is as a musician and what intimate parts of himself he would like to share with the world. A hunger for new music is rising amongst fans, who eagerly await the release of All 4 Nothing, which will undoubtedly flood the charts on August 5th, 2022.

Through Universal Music Group and °1824, Tonitruale was recently given the opportunity to talk with global sensation, Lauv, who became a household name in 2017 with chart-topping single, "I Like Me Better." The 27-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist is animated with anticipation about his upcoming record, All 4 Nothing, and discusses how, through the exploration of sensitivity, openness, and introspection, he has been able to not only connect with himself but with his inner child. All 4 Nothing lights the path to self-discovery and healing and Lauv isn't afraid to take us on this journey with him.

We got the chance to ask Lauv a question, wanting to look deeper into his process of being open, vulnerable, and raw in his most personal body of work yet.

From what we've heard so far, your upcoming record, All 4 Nothing, seems to venture into new realms of vulnerability and honesty. What was the hardest part of opening up more than you ever have before? What about it was the most gratifying?

"I think, with the process for this album, I just felt, not that I was filtering myself before really, but I felt that I really, really, really didn't filter myself. So, in some of the songs, just some of the stuff that I was going through and talking about is just very straight up. And so it's all there for people to see in a way that's not trying to be polished for a pop record, you know what I mean? I think that was both the hardest part because it's kind of scary and also the most gratifying part, you know, hopefully, because once it's all out I feel like, I don't know–here we are! I feel like there's nothing there to hide."

Lauv goes on to discuss how this record, as he poetically puts it, is about him trying to find his inner light again. Throughout this process, he has been able to slow down and take a breath– the key to reaching inner peace and harmony.

Working with his inner child is a prevalent theme on this record, and it takes shape quite literally in his music video for latest hit single, "Kids Are Born Stars." In this video, we see Lauv following a younger version of himself, giving him boosts of confidence and tender reassurance as he navigates young love.

All 4 Nothing is a beam of light waiting to be unleashed upon the world, bursting with passion and truthfulness. Lauv is set to dazzle us with his most unfiltered and genuine truths.

You can preorder All 4 Nothing here. Tour dates can be found here.


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