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Influencer of the Week: Cansu Akın

This name might not be very familiar to you as she is a Turkish influencer. Cansu is one of my favorites alongside with Matilda Djerf, whom I already wrote about a few weeks ago. But I think they are entirely different type of influencers and Cansu is not super known worldwide, so I wanted to introduce her to you.

Cansu was studying geology engineering when she decided to try being a youtuber. Her first video was a get ready with me under the name of Pineapplepie Blog. Then she continued uploading makeup tutorials, vlogs, challenges and her favorites of the month. It was obviously during the time when YouTube was at its prime and when we all learned how to do our makeup from the tutorials on it. To be honest, I did not know Cansu back then. However, I remember seeing her on another famous Turkish youtuber’s vlogs.

Cansu became a fan favorite very quickly. She joined the popular youtubers team and increased her views. But especially after Covid, she first decreased the number of videos she was posting and then she stopped completely at the end of 2020. This was probably due to the decreasing amount of attention to YouTube videos and the rise of Instagram and Tiktok.

How did I get to know Cansu? Okay, this might be a bit cringe but I love this Turkish actor called Metin Akdülger and Cansu recently started dating him. Naturally, I was curious about her and then I became a fan of hers fairly easy. Cansu is the influencer you need when you want to feel sunny, vibrant and energetic. Her style is made up of colors, patterns and statement pieces. That’s what sets Cansu aside compared to many other influencers. She really has her own style. It also reminds me of Harry Styles a little, for which I can’t complain.

She introduced me to many new brands, my favorite being House of Sunny. It’s also another thing I like about Cansu. Of course, she has pieces from well known brands, but especially for a Turkish influencer, she really digs deep and finds unique stuff too. Even though she chooses vibrant outfits, the way she combines them with muted colors and with her vintage vibes manages to create a whole different energy.

I think there is a thin line between looking chic with prints and looking chaotic. Cansu manages to stay on the line perfectly. Her looks are at first a bit confusing sometimes but she chooses the color palette and the pieces so well that it is always a sight for sore eyes to see her posts. Occasionally, you can see her in full Chanel looks as she worked with them for a while. She was actually one of the very few people who got invited to a Chanel trip in France. But those classy looks also look fantastic on her. If you add the curly hair and well-picked jewelry, Cansu pulls a polished put together look perfectly every time.

Recently, she started working with Nike and Hope Alkazar, a multipurpose arts and sports area. This partnership brought a different side of Cansu alive. As always, Cansu’s sporty look is not a basic black legging with a black sports bra. Even while working out, she chooses patterned and colorful pieces, which keeps her personality alive.

So, if you need good inspiration for a change in your monochromatic wardrobe, I suggest taking a look at Cansu’s instagram (@cansuakin). Just like Matilda’s dog, I’m pretty sure Cansu’s cat will also steal your heart while you are looking at her page too.


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