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The Allure of Demonia's

The beloved Facebook Marketplace strikes again, and this week’s find was a pair of Demonia shoes. I have wanted a pair of Demonia’s for a long long time, so when I saw a listing for white Demonia Swing-105’s I couldn’t resist.

Whether at the grocery store or club, these shoes will be sure to turn heads. Here’s how I will style these chunky white platforms.


Over time I have found myself quickly accumulating rave clothing (even though that’s not my scene, I love the fashion), and when I think of white Demonia’s, raves are one of the first places my mind jumps to, second to drag. With neon colours and a mini skirt just long enough to cover my butt, paired with fishnet gloves and a choker, this outfit would be a standout in any setting day or night- especially since the shirt glows in the dark!


Although these shoes don't scream casual, to tone down their impact they pair well with loungewear. All black with white detailing on the pants matches well with the stark white of the Demonia’s. This will likely be a go to outfit for me once school starts; comfortable and just a tad bit extra.

Big Shirt, Little Pants

Shirt (thrifted), shorts (similar), earrings

One of my favourite outfit combinations are either big pants with a little shirt (like the previous outfit) or a big shirt with bike shorts. This is another casual outfit to tone down the eccentricity of the shoes, making them more wearable on a daily basis- that is if they’re comfortable to walk in!

Daytime Picnic

Dress (handmade, sorry!)

Now, probably my favourite outfit ever, this dress inspired by the drag queen Ellie Diamond who often wears a similar one by Get Frocked. This babydoll style dress will make me look like the biggest toddler in any room, drawing a lot of attention alone, and even more so with these perfectly paired white platforms. I am on the hunt for some earrings to match, Ellie Diamond’s usual choice are fake baby bottles, maybe I’ll follow suit.

Tartan Cowgirl

Hat (bedazzled by me), shirt, skirt (similar), tights, choker (similar)

This outfit is built for a night out or a picnic, there’s really no other acceptable place to wear a bedazzled cowboy hat in Toronto. Baby blue pairs perfectly with these white shoes and the added edginess of the tartan skirt and choker. The only thing this outfit needs is matching nails and a blue or white shoulder bag.

Final Thoughts

I love these shoes and cannot wait till I have places to wear them. As you can probably tell, I love a pleated skirt silhouette with these chunky shoes, making my legs look very long while making me tall enough to touch the ceiling. If you’ve ever considered buying a pair of Demonia shoes, this is your sign- do it.


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